My wedding invitations!

Thought I'd post up some images of my recent wedding invitations, they were a huge amount of fun, probably well over the top and I'm definitely the worst client to work for ever!

First one to kick it off..

…and as its mothers day today, so I'm keeping on theme.

All my life I've created - holidays away required a 'box of bits' to be packed for sarah to play with. My parents since channelled this obsession (as well as reluctant brother up until he turned about age 8) to make mother's day, father's day, christmas, birthday, easter, halloween etc etc greeting cards. A dig back in boxes of mum's treasures (read hoarder) I found some epic creations by both me (and my brother!).

However the point of the story is since then I'm now obligated to create all my family's celebration cards - while usually a pleasure, it does get rather hard to come up with something fresh each month/year! So here is mother's day 2014's offering - made for my wonderful mum (in the absence of all my craft kit - which is still floating somewhere in the tasman sea):